Monday, May 20, 2013


So a few months ago, I was reading The Book of Stones, which is a fantastic source for metaphysical, emotional and spiritual personalities for crystals and minerals.  And as I was just starting Reiki II, and learning about long distance healing, I stumbled across apophyllite in the book as THE crystal for reiki practitioners.  So as I am wont to do, I looked on Ebay and found one.  Made a bid and got it.  Then I promptly forgot all about it.  A few weeks went by and suddenly, as if by magic, a package arrives from India wrapped in cloth and sewn shut and sealed with wax.  It was like a mummy package, and within would clearly be the answer to everything I have been seeking.  Forgot it was for reiki.  Forgot why I ordered it.  Menopause brain ain't a pretty thing.
And it was that apophyllite.  Beautiful.  I held it in both hands and close my eyes.  My heart started racing and I immediately started having a hot flash.  I put it in my desk and thought, "Uh, yeah, can't deal with that right now."  And once again promptly forgot about it.
A few weeks later, my children were helping me set up my altar and looking through some of my bigger centerpiece type stones.  All of them wanted me to use that apophyllite.  So I said yes and figured it had something to teach me.  Everyday I went to my desk (where my altar is) my heart raced, my head felt light, my stomach turned and I walked away.  Then my sister came over and held it.  She shivered and smiled and said, "I love this!  It's fantastic and so high vibrational."  To which I replied, "TAKE IT!  TAKE IT NOW!  IT'S YOURS!  PLEASE JUST TAKE IT AWAY FROM HERE!"  (Maybe I am being a tad overdramatic.)  But my sister loved it and I was just happy someone did.
Then a funny thing happened.  I ordered another one.  Why?  I have no idea, but late at night, scouring the internet for crystals, I bought another one.  It came within a few days.  Can you guess what happened?
Yeah, the same thing.  And then I went on a fabulous retreat with a few spiritual friends and brought some crystals (some meaning...way too many) in case of some intense crystal emergency.  We were passing around my sister's crystals and feeling them and commenting, when a lovely friend of ours says, "I love crystals but can't feel any difference between them really."
'Aha!  Just the sort of crystal emergency I am prepared for!'  So I grab my apophyllite and my tiger iron (my go-to for grounding energy).  I tell her to close her eyes and I put the apophyllite in her hands.
'What do you feel?  Even if it sounds odd, just tune into your body and tell me what you are feeling.'
"Okay.  Um, my heart is racing.  I am feeling dizzy.  Weird."
I take the apophyllite out of her hands and put the tiger iron in them.
'Now what do you feel?'
She takes a deep breath.  "I feel heavy.  I feel like myself again.  I feel connected to the earth."
Of course, I gave her that piece of apophyllite, since it was the crystal that gave her the confidence to know she was feeling something.
And guess what came in the mail last week...yep, another apophyllite.  Except this one, I am keeping.


  1. I have just been learning about this in the CCH course. Crystals that make us feel uncomfortable are trying to find our Dominant Oscillary Rate, or our personal Vibe. And it literally shakes up the stuff that is interfering with that vibration, which makes us uncomfortable. All the feelings we have to deal with and stuff down. We are taught when working with a stone, to remove any other stone, and begin meditating with it for 45 seconds. BEfore meditation, we ask the stone what it is there to teach us, and listen for the answer. Journal everything. I would work with it for 3-4 days, in 45 second intervals, or one minute intervals. Write dreams, etc. I'd love to know what apophyllite has to teach you. I love my piece. I am thinking about doing this with hemimorphite. I keep buying it, but I still haven't been sitting with it for too long. Throat chakra stuff, I guess. For you, this is all higher realm work, which is fascinating. Love you.

  2. I still haven't started working with it, but I admire it from afar.